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Recent Articles/ Webinars/Other Publications

Recent Articles/Webinars/Other Publications

Article:  Flipped Learning in Higher Education. By Aronson, Arfstrom & Tam. Fall, 2013. An extension of the lit review below.

Blog: Educators Bring Change to the Classroom by
Flipping Math, By Kari Arfstrom, Nov. 2013

To Flip or Not to Flip, One-hour Webinar by Kari Arfstrom from Sept. 2013.

Research: Myths and Misconceptions of Professional Online Learning. By Arfstrom for Pearson. Summer, 2013.

Featured Story: Sharing Our Future. Augsburg College, Arfstrom quoted. Summer, 2013.

A Review of Flipped Learning (Literature Review),
A White Paper based on the Review, Executive Summary
By Hamden, McKnight, McKnight  & Arfstrom. Published June, 2013. The official FLN analysis of flipped learning.

How to Reach Struggling Students:  Once You Flip, You’ll Never Go Back
A blog by Kari Arfstrom, March 6, 2013.

Flipped learning: The “Good Teaching” Method.
By Kari Arfstrom, Blog published January 8, 2013

Alternative Use of Video in The Classroom – It’s Not Just for Homework Anymore.
A blog by Kari Arfstrom, Published September 21, 2012

Trends Come and Go ‒ Why Flipped Learning Has Staying Power.
By Kari Arfstrom, Published September 14, 2012

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